escape hide tell
We assisted the Department of Home Affairs to develop the new ‘Escape, Hide, Tell’ public safety education campaign. This involved two waves of concept testing and refinement with various CALD and Indigenous communities around Australia.
alcohol awareness among older people
NSW Health asked cultural partners to conduct qualitative research to inform a health education campaign, aimed at raising awareness of the effects of alcohol consumption among older people.
new child care package
cultural partners was commissioned by the Department of Education to develop and implement national CALD communications for the new child care package campaign - a major reform to child care assistance. This involved integrated public relations, social media and community engagement strategies.
vaccinating mothers to be
cultural partners assisted the National Immunisation Program and the Department of Health to undertake research with pregnant CALD and Indigenous women and their partners into the issue of free vaccination programs, specifically for whooping cough and influenza.
make healthy normal
The Office of Health Prevention within NSW Health appointed cultural partners to conduct a major evaluation of the CALD and Aboriginal components of the Make Healthy Normal (MHN) campaign. This involved MHN event observations, event participant surveys, stakeholder interviews and focus group discussions with community members.
breast screening
cultural partners in partnership with the Cancer Institute NSW developed and implemented a community engagement strategy targeting CALD and Aboriginal women 50-74 years on important breast screening messages. This included survivor stories, social media placements, community information sessions, and editorial generation activities.
As part of the National Innovation and Science Agenda, creative concepts for the 'Reaching the Boom' social media campaign were tested by cultural partners with a range of CALD businesses and consumers.
organ donation
cultural partners has been working with the Organ and Tissue Authority (OTA) on its 'Greatest Gift' campaign for several years. This has involved raising awareness about organ donation among CALD communities and religious leaders throughout Australia. Specific components have included annual Donate Life Week activities, Thank You Day and a new Registration Campaign 'What Are You Waiting for'.
violence against women
cultural partners conducted several waves of concept testing research into the Australian Government's 'Violence Against Woman - Stop It at the Start' campaign. This involved discussion groups around Australia with members of Indigenous and CALD communities.
national security
The Attorney General's Department commissioned Cultural Partners to develop and implement the CALD communication component of the 'If It Doesn't Add Up, Speak Up' national security campaign. The campaign was delivered in 11 CALD communities and included aspects of concept testing, advertising, digital display, media relations and religious stakeholder engagement.
defence recruitment
The Australian Defence Force (ADF) asked cultural partners to focus test its new recruitment campaign creative with CALD and Indigenous communities (targeting both parents and recruits). The strategic insights gained have helped the ADF fine tune its key propositions and messages to these audiences.
munch and move
The NSW Office of Preventative Health asked cultural partners to focus test their existing 'Munch and Move' fact sheets with Arabic, Chinese and Vietnamese parents. The end result was a suite of streamlined in-language assets across healthy lunchboxes, physical activity and healthier snacks. Improvements to copy, design and imagery were also made.
make healthy normal
cultural partners was commissioned by the NSW Office of Preventative Health to undertake strategic research with CALD audiences to test the effectiveness of its new 'Make Healthy Normal' campaign. Focus groups included younger and older members of the Cantonese, Mandarin, Arabic and Vietnamese communities. Significant insights into the attitudes and mindset of these audiences to healthier eating and physical activity were gleaned.
the line
'The LIne' is a major Australian Government communication campaign addressing relationship violence among young people. Cultural Partners worked on the campaign for several years delivering highly integrated components of advertising, media engagement, music CD, video and radio resources, social media, youth opinion leader involvement, stakeholder engagement, public relations and event management.
next generation notes
cultural partners worked with the Reserve Bank over several rounds of focus testing creative concepts communicating the new security features of the next generation $5 and $10 notes.
medibank private
cultural partners was engaged by the Department of Finance and the Joint Lead Managers (JLMs) to undertake the CALD component of the communication campaign of the Medibank Public Share Offer. This covered nine communities and included advertising, public relations and media engagement.
free trade
cultural partners worked on the concept testing research leading up to the Australian Government's 'Free Trade Agreement' campaign. This involved several waves of focus groups with CALD audiences.
clean energy future
cultural partners worked with the Department of Climate Change to develop and implement the CALD communication for the 'Clean Energy Future' campaign. This involved advertising, public relations, media and stakeholder engagement, and local community workshops targeting 11 CALD audiences.
water safety
cultural partners has successfully delivered several community engagement campaigns for Transport for NSW. The first version of the 'Take it Easy' branded campaigns accomplished award winning results including a viral YouTube video entitled 'Tuk it Easy'. Subsequent iterations have used social media and influential partnerships with sporting clubs such as the Canterbury Bulldogs to build on the campaign’s popularity.
people smuggling
cultural partners conducted highly sensitive developmental and concept testing research for the Department of Border Protection. This research helped to inform the communication approach for the 'No Way' campaign addressing the issue of illegal maritime arrivals into Australia.
paid parental leave
cultural partners developed and implemented the CALD communication strategy for the Australian Government's 'Paid Parental Leave' campaign in 14 languages.
hep c
NSW Health asked cultural partners to focus test its new social marketing campaign 'Share a Needle, Share Hepatitis C' campaign with Aboriginal and CALD audiences. The valuable insights gained have helped to fine tune messages to these audiences.
child not bride
NSW Family and Community Services (FACS) asked cultural partners to develop an innovative campaign addressing the highly sensitive issue of under-aged forced marriage. The resulting 'Child Not Bride' campaign was delivered in several languages and was conducted as an advertising and social media campaign.
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